Nurturing Justice Archive 2006-2014

Archive of broadsheets &

other public-policy writings.

Nurturing Justice is the name of a Web Broadsheet I sent out to about 150 “subscribers”  from 2006 until 2013. The aim is to encourage Christian political reflection on our tasks as citizens, on the God-given responsibility to love our civic neighbours with public justice.
Here for those who are interested are pdf collations of Nurturing Justice and also some other writings since 2006.
Nurturing Justice 2006-2007 copy
Nurturing Justice 2008
Nurturing Justice 2009
Updated version Febr 3rd 2016 of Senate Submission on Marriage Equality 2009
Nurturing Justice 2010
Nurturing Justice 2011
Nurturing Justice 2012
Nurturing Justice 2013

The writings collated under Nurturing Justice 2014  and Nurturing Justice 2015 did not take on the earlier broadsheet format. These pdf files contain essays written during this time seeking to promote the development of a Christian democratic public policy, particularly for the South West Pacific. Australia’s place in the South West pacific community of island states is considered in these more recent pieces. As well, these essays seek to promote a reformation of marriage and family life.  

 Bruce C Wearne, Point Lonsdale, Australia

22 September 2015

as amended 3 February 2016.



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