Updating a Senate Submission


This is an updated and edited version of a 2009 submission, the argument of which is still relevant to the ongoing political debate about the parliamentary initiative to legislate “Marriage Equality” on the back of a proposed plebiscite. Comments by political leaders on all sides seem to suggest that an “Aye” vote in the plebiscite will be an end to the matter. It certainly seems likely that there will be an “Aye” vote but it will not be an end to the matter. Those proposing to vote “Noe” need to prepare themselves by having a well elaborated explanation of their “dissent” from this western world-wide trend, so that they can then maintain their commitment to the reform of marriage laws as they as citizens seek to promote public justice for all in an ongoing way. For any such “political movement” to give a cogent case for a “Christian political option” it will also need to be a well-coordinated regional and international effort with a variety of creative local expressions around the world. To that end I am making this document available, almost 7 years after it was initially drafted and submitted to the Senate Inquiry.

It can be found here: Senate Submission Update.


Bruce C Wearne 3rd February 2016AD


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